Danshi Gakuen Group has directly-management shops and FC shops all over Japan.
Shinjuku, Osaka, and Nagoya big branch have some English-speaking staffs and Chinese-speaking staffs.
These big shops of the three above respectively manage 10 branches in Tokyo and Yokohama area, 5 branches in Osaka, Kobe and Kyoto area, and 2 branches in Nagoya area.
That means you can choose all the boys freely there in the big three shops.

The other branches than the big three, however, have menu in English and chinese.
So you can visit there and order in a simpler and easier communication as pointing at the picture and menu.
Please do not hesitate to come to the other branches too.
We are sincerely ready for your order.

This is the list of the branches.
You can call, sending Emails, and serach in google map.

Thank you very much.

Please see a staff list and information on a representative store in each area from this.